The best San Francisco Bay AreaActivities, Hotels, and Restaurants.

BayAreawithKids is the San Francisco Bay Area’s parent guide for what to do and where to go in all of the Bay Area. Areas include San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Sonoma, Walnut Creek and more.

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BayAreawithKids is the guide for visiting the SF Bay Area with your family.

We know the best San Francisco Bay Area Actitives, Hotels, and Restaurants

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Bay Area Activity Guide.

We have an incredible collection of ideas of what to do in the Orange County Area.

Areas within the Bay Area

Literally millions of people have watched our videos from around Orange County.

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Hotels and Restaurants

If you need a fun family friendly restaurant or a great place to stay, we have some great ideas.

We created BayAreawithKids to give parents a website to find the best activities for their children.